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Protect Your Customers

Is someone sending email using your Domain Name!!!

Have you phoned a customer chasing an overdue Invoice, to be told we have already paid that invoice.

What happens to your email once you have sent it? Does it get to your customers Inbox or straight to junk or spam folder. Have you thought is anyone else sending email using your domain? What!!! how can that happen? More often than you may think.

The Indland Revenue used to have over 1 million mails sent each year pertaining to be from the Indland Revenue. After they implemented the 3 basic securities which have been around for over 7 years the 1 million emails went down to virually zero.



Have you thought about the security of your outgoing Email

Are your emails validated as being from your company, using your in-house email server or a cloud provider, i.e. GSuite, Office365 etc. Without three protocols SPF, DKIM and DMARC being enabled, anyone can send an email from you.



What we do

Are you an IT department/service provider, Webdesign company, Marketing company, we work with you to ensure your customers emails are compliant with the three protocols SPF, DKIM & DMARC. We monitor and report on any anomolies going on with your customers emails.


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Spoofing and Phishing will happen to everyone. Reduce the risk enable DMARC, DKIM and SPF.

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New protocol to be released in the new year, BIMI read her for more info.

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